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Akta Graco Duologic seatbelt installation

Installing the Duologic2 with 3 point seatbelt. Base unit is required from 9 kg/20lbs onward. CAUTION: Never install a rearfacing carseat in front of an active airbag. Serious injury or death can occur when the airbag deploys in an accident.. Make sure the front brace is in 100 % touch with the frontseat back. Place the seat as far forwards as possible whilst keeping a distance of 5 cm from top of headsupport to front screen. Thread lap-portion of the seatbelt under the frontbrace (not under the isofix connectors) and then through the blue belt guides on both sides of the base (mine are black). Buckle up the seatbelt. Push on the base and give the seatbelt a solid tug. thread the shoulderpart back through the blue beltguide on the buckle side. Through the blue clip at the front of the base. And though the blue beltguide on the doorside of the base. Give the seatbelt an extra tug while you close the blue clip. Make sure that the seatbelt is not twisted or turned anywhere in any place. Finally: lower the footprop to the floor make sure it is as close to the base as it can get. make it lock into place. Listen fior the audiable click which indicates the footprop has locked. It must rest firmly on the floor. Check for movement . there should be no more than 1 cm side to side and none front to back. Insert the seat unit at G-spot level. Ideally you should give the seat unit a ittle tug front to back to make sure it is firmly on the base Check the green indicators on both sides

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